Clay Block and Walling Systems

The System
Clay Block and Walling Systems

Porotherm is a precision engineered modern clay block walling system with reassuringly traditional values.

It is set to revolutionise the UK construction industry through exceptionally fast, virtually dry construction combined with high strength and thermal efficiency.

Key Benefits
Benefits of Porotherm's Walling Systems
  • Proven in Europe over 30 years
  • Satisfies UK Building Regulations
  • Outstanding thermal insulation and vapour permeability
  • Thermal mass minimum 96kg/m2
  • Precision ground blocks allow 1mm bed joints
  • Environmentally friendly and sustainable
  • Outstanding fire protection
The Simplicity
Simplicity - smarter and faster construction
Simplicity is one of the greatest characteristics of the Porotherm System

Porotherm facilitates smarter, faster construction and earlier completion.

Consequently the client gets the building sooner whilst the builder sees a quicker financial return and is able to complete more projects in a given period.

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